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Behavioural Safety Policy

Eoin Flynn Limited is committed to promoting a positive health and safety (H&S) culture across all projects. Our aim is to engage management and employees in decisions affecting their health, safety, and well-being. Safe behaviour at work is of utmost importance and is considered a critical work-related skill.

Promoting Safe Behaviour

Up to 90% of workplace injuries are caused by unsafe behaviour. EFL is dedicated to fostering an understanding of safety and positively influencing safety behaviour within our business. We have implemented several initiatives to support a reduction in incidents related to unsafe behaviour:

1. Objectives and Targets: We set, and monitor objectives and targets related to behavioural safety.

2. Visible H&S Leadership: Managers receive training in behavioural safety techniques through both in-house and external training events.

3. Employee Training: All employees are trained to recognise safe and unsafe practices and encouraged to stop unsafe activities and suggest improvements through internal and external training events.

4. Yellow Card Warning System: A yellow card warning system operates on all our sites. Yellow Cards are issued for breaches of Management Systems, Procedures, and Processes. Repeat offenses may lead to disciplinary actions.

Our guiding principle is simple: If you don’t think it’s safe, don’t do it. We encourage everyone to challenge and report any disregard for safety instructions and procedures, anonymously if necessary.

EFL is fully committed to this policy and prioritises the safety and well-being of all its personnel. Together, we strive to create a secure working environment where everyone actively contributes to maintaining safety standards.





Eoin Flynn 

Managing Director 

Eoin Flynn Limited 

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