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Integrated Management System Policy

Eoin Flynn Limited has defined this IMS Policy and made it available to employees and other interested parties.
The IMS Policy represents the framework for planning and improving the IMS and setting general and aspect-specific IMS Objectives. The IMS Policy is appropriate to the organisation processes, products, and services; is delivered from the overall corporate policies context and strategy and provides a framework for establishing and reviewing overall strategic objectives. 

The IMS Policy is approved by senior management and is displayed in the work/prominent areas of all working locations or otherwise effectively communicated to all staff and others affected by its activities. Periodically, senior management reviews the policy for its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness and this is updated and re issued as required.
The IMS Policy includes a commitment to satisfy all applicable requirements and continual improvement of all aspects of the IMS.


Eoin Flynn Limited is committed to:

  • The satisfaction of our customers in all aspects by supplying high-quality products and/or services, complying with the relevant and agreed standards, on time and to defined criteria.

  • Fulfil our commitment through the involvement of all at Eoin Flynn Limited and with continual improvement in our IMS.

  • Identify, prevent, control, and minimise adverse impacts associated with our operational activities.

  • Comply with all applicable IMS requirements and compliance obligations.

  • The elimination of hazards and the reduction of OH&S risks.

  • The consultation and participation of all employees and others working on its behalf and their representatives.

  • The protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution.

  • Develop and maintain a highly motivated, trained, competent and aware workforce for effective management of IMS issues and requirements.

  • Communicate our IMS commitment to clients, employees, and other interested parties.

  • Strive to continually improve our IMS performance keeping in view regulatory requirements, community concerns and technological advancements.

  • Establish and maintain a suitable, safe and healthy work environment.

  • Comply with al applicable legal requirements.

  • Adopt the best practice of operations and prevent adverse consequences.


Eoin Flynn 

Managing Director 

Eoin Flynn Limited 


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