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Modern Slavery 

At Eoin Flynn Limited (EFL), we acknowledge the grave risks associated with modern slavery, encompassing slavery, servitude, forced labour, and human trafficking, which violate fundamental human rights. Our paramount commitment is to establish a safe, healthy, and ethical working environment for all employees, workers, and visitors.

Eoin Flynn Limited maintains a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery, and it is our duty to act ethically and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships. To ensure modern slavery does not occur within our business or supply chains, we are committed to implementing effective systems and controls.

We prioritise transparency in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, holding contractors, suppliers, and business partners to rigorous standards. Our contracting processes explicitly prohibit forced, compulsory, or trafficked labour, and we expect our suppliers to uphold these standards with their own suppliers.

This policy universally applies to all individuals associated with EFL, including employees, directors, officers, agency workers, and business partners. All individuals under our control are responsible for preventing, detecting, and reporting modern slavery. Any suspicions or concerns must be reported immediately to the line manager, a company director, or in accordance with our Whistleblowing Policy.

We prioritise the welfare of local workers and provide support to our suppliers in addressing coercive work practices. Our commitment to openness includes protection for individuals raising concerns and ensuring no one faces detrimental treatment. Breaches of this policy will result in disciplinary action, including dismissal.

By adopting this Modern Slavery Policy, our organisation reaffirms its commitment to eradicating modern slavery and ensuring that our operations and supply chains are free from any form of exploitation. We believe that by working together, we can contribute to a world where human rights are universally respected and protected.






Eoin Flynn


Managing Director

Eoin Flynn Limited

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