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Eoin Flynn Limited (EFL) is committed to conducting our business fairly, honestly and with transparency and in compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations. We expect all EFL, employees and anyone acting on our behalf to do the same and to maintain the highest standards of ethical business behaviour. However, all organisations face the risk of things going wrong from time to time. A culture of openness and accountability is essential in order to prevent such situations occurring and to address them when they do occur.

The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Encourage individuals to speak up in good faith about any concerns related to wrongdoing within the organisation.

  • Provide a safe and confidential avenue for reporting such concerns.

  • Ensure that concerns are promptly and appropriately investigated by impartial parties.

  • The confidentiality of whistleblowers will be protected, and corrective actions will be taken if wrongdoing is substantiated.

  • Protect whistleblowers from retaliation or victimisation.

  • Safeguard the reputation and integrity of Eoin Flynn Limited.

Employees also have the option to make confidential disclosures or seek advice through an independent organisation. Protect, the UK's whistleblowing charity, provides free and confidential whistleblowing advice for this purpose.

By fostering a culture that encourages the reporting of concerns and providing robust protection mechanisms, our organisation aims to uphold the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and accountability. Whistleblowers play a crucial role in ensuring a healthy and responsible organisational environment.

Eoin Flynn 

Managing Director

Eoin Flynn Limited

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