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Work Safe 
 Work Safe Policy is to ensure that all employees and company 
personnel are well-informed about their right to stop work in the event they perceive the working 
environment or practices to be unsafe. We firmly believe that safety is a collective responsibility, and 
every individual must actively contribute to the implementation of this policy to continually enhance 
safety standards.
EFL actively encourages all personnel, including subcontractors, to promptly report any safety issues 
they encounter. Every member of our team has the right to refuse work if they believe it poses a risk 
to their safety or the safety of others. If anyone identifies a task or condition that could jeopardise 
their well-being or that of their colleagues, work must be stopped immediately, and the situation 
should be reported to the person in charge.
In case a concern remains unresolved, personnel can contact the EFL’s Health and Safety advisor, who 
will thoroughly assess the situation and provide alternative advice and guidance. No work should 
resume until the identified issues causing concern have been appropriately addressed.
We also encourage managers to report any unsafe acts or conditions they witness, promoting a culture 
of vigilance and responsibility throughout the organisation. The Company's safety management system 
includes procedural arrangements to effectively implement this policy, which undergoes continuous 
review to ensure its effectiveness.
Whenever opportunities for safety improvement or safety-related issues are identified, we will act 
promptly, allocating sufficient resources to address them adequately. At Eoin Flynn Limited, safety 
remains our top priority, and we are committed to fostering a safe and secure work environment for all our personnel.

Eoin Flynn

Managing Director 

Eoin Flynn Limited

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